PRO Invoice Management Software in Desktop Application for Windows 10

PRO Invoice Management Software in Desktop Application for Windows 10

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Invoice Management Software, PRO!

Multiple client desktop access with various database options, from MSSQL Server, MySQL Server and PostgreSQL server, the choice is yours. The product come with MSI installer and program source code, full source code. Customize and extend the software to best fit your specific needs.

Manage and generate invoice the easy way with all the centralized data. No more scattered excel file because this software will help you to manage your customer and product data master also. Not only that, this software will also help you to manage other data master such as: currency, industry, payment method and multiple tax tariff.

Perfect for company that have 5 or more staff helping to run the business. PRO edition will enable you to install the product at all your staffs computer. The PRO edition also provided with the source code so you can do the customization to fit your business specific need.  

PRO Edition Features

Below are the pro edition features breakdown by modules:


  • Invoice
  • Customer
  • Product



  • Invoice Report

  • Product Service Report

  • Payment Report

  • Tax Report

  • Customer Report



  • Company

  • Number Sequence

  • Prefix Name


Master Data

  • Currency

  • Industry

  • Payment Method

  • Tax



  • My Details

  • Role

  • User


Source Code

  • C# Source Code


Development Environment Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition

  • MSSQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL

  • MS Management Studio / DBeaver

  • DevExpress v20.2.6 Universal Subscription License


Client Environment

  • .NET Framework 4.7.x


Default Login

Username: Admin

Password: Empty, no password needed.


Demo Access

For demo access so you can try the product before buying, please feel free email to for demo installer.

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