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Pete Davidson mocks ‘cool dress’ he wore to 2021 Met Gala

Pete Davidson has addressed the outfit he wore to the 2021 Met Gala, with the comedian saying that he thinks it was a “cool dress”.

For the annual Met Gala, the Saturday Night Live star opted for a black mid-length dress and a white blazer with black trim by Thom Browne. He accessorized the look with black socks, black combat boots and a pair of dark sunglasses.

During an appearance on SNL’s “Weekend Update” on Saturday for the show’s season 47 premiere, the 27-year-old cast member reflected on the opportunity to attend the exclusive fashion event, which he described as “amazing”.

“It was amazing. I got to go to the coolest event of the year and I can now say that I’ve been in a museum,” Davidson joked, prompting Colin Jost to point out that he saw “some people commenting on your outfit”.

In response, Davidson said he didn’t understand why people were talking about his outfit, as “that’s a cool dress”.

“I look like James Bond at his quinceañera. I look like if one of the three blind mice sold fentanyl,” he continued.

Davidson then used the opportunity to call out some of the older generations’ homophobia, with the comedian continuing: “The truth is, I already wear a dress or paint my nails sometimes just because I love making my uncles uncomfortable… when my Uncle Steve saw it, he was like: ‘Hey, I don’t get it but whatever makes you happy, all right? You’re still welcome in my house. I’ll just put the seat down when you’re over!’”

The comment prompted Jost to clarify that Davidson meant his uncle was afraid people would think he’s gay just because he wore a dress.

“Yeah, just because I wore a dress. Meanwhile, here’s him at my age,” Davidson continued, showing a throwback photo of his uncle with long hair, a band T-shirt and cut-off jeans. “He grew up in the 80s, which is somehow the gayest and most homophobic generation of all time. All the songs were about the boys and how they’re back in town. Also his favourite movie is Top Gun. That’s as close to a movie about men being in love with each other that the 80s allowed. It’s like Brokeback in the sky.”

This is not the first time that Davidson praised his Met Gala outfit, as he previously told GQ ahead of the event that he was excited about being invited to the exclusive fashion event and about his attire.

“If you’re gonna wear a dress, what better way or place to do it than the Met, you know?” he said, after acknowledging that it would also make it easier to go to the bathroom. “I’m really excited and really stoked that they thought I could pull this off, which is hilarious.”

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