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Pay Rise Tips: A Complete Guide To Getting The Salary You Want At Work

“Remember, companies are the only ones who benefit from keeping that information away from you. A polite, tactful conversation will be mutually beneficial as you’ll both leave with a point of comparison.”

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3. Pick your three numbers

Essentially: find your absolute ideal salary amount, the number you’d settle for, and the number that you know is too low and suggests you should walk away from the table. Knowing your limits is everything in this game. Alexia and Margot have come up with an excellent way to remember this nugget of advice:

  • Top end salary amount: think of it as “reaching for the stars”

“This is the highest number you can say out loud without exploding in laughter. Dream big. Of course, this figure still needs to be rooted in market research.”

  • Middle-range salary amount: “fine by me”

“This is the number you would be content to leave a negotiation on.If your employer ends up negotiating down your ‘reach for the stars’ number, you could still walk out with a smile on this figure.

“It should be a figure where you can live comfortably. Your overheads will be covered and you won’t be worrying about money.”

  • Too-low salary amount: “Thank U, Next”

“This is your exit number. The bar has gone too low. As there’s a lot at stake here, you’ll need to be certain what this figure would be for you: Picking this number will depend on you and how much you like the potential job. 

“For example, you might be happy to take a salary cut to work for a start-up that aligns with your values and where you love the team. What’s crucial, however, is to figure out how much money you would need to cover your outgoings. No matter how good the work culture, it won’t cover your bills.”

4. Show how you’re the solution to all their problems

It’s all about the problem-solving attitude. If you can present yourself as the answer to a question the business is asking, you can use this as leverage to ask for what you need in return – more money.

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