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PAUSE or Skip: Moncler Usedom Gilet – PAUSE Online

Being a staple of both Moncler and the spring time, the gilet is the ultimate utility piece.

The glossy classic doesn’t stray too far from its origins, with Moncler knowing not to change the formula too much. However, this iteration comes with a few additional changes that definitely sets it above the rest.

A large breast pocket covers the right hand side of the chest, adding a secure place to keep valuables, with the real standout coming through in the vibrant ‘Spectra Green’ colourway. The eye-catching shade of green provides a spring wardrobe with a standout piece whilst sticking to what makes the gilet such a favourite. Moncler keeps its branded piping and boudin quilting to maintain the quality touch.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick one up online.

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