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PAUSE Meets: Sarkodie – PAUSE Online


Because I’ve not done it yet, there is still that interest in who Sarkodie is working with. But if I had done a lot in the past, you wouldn’t really care at this point. Personally, I think I was naturally born a manager, I’ve always wanted to be in charge, it’s a natural thing for me. I wanted to get signed, unfortunately, people didn’t really mess with the music at the time because I was doing typical rap music and commercial, business-minded people want something that they think is making sense. I didn’t have a choice.

I completely agree, those are words of wisdom. I think a lot of people, especially artists, who will read this, this is the wisdom that they need to have. Right now, we are in a generation where everybody wants success very quickly, I just want a hit. But with your legacy, and I will call it a legacy due to the fact that you’ve been 15 years deep in the game, do you feel like fans have too many expectations on artists where they kind of drown them?

This is a perfect scenario to chip in on why I created No Pressure. Fans, you can’t blame them because fans are literally people who love you to the core. They want to see you do this and that and it’s up to you as a leader because if you’re doing music, you’re leading people somewhere. You dictate the pace, but you make sure you head towards what they want. My family will call me a very stubborn person because I still stick to what the plan is. I get what my fans are saying, and I know they want me to go international, but there is a pace to it. It is something the artist feels.

Fanbases can definitely put a lot of stress on artists and a lot of artists have fallen off, not because they are not good anymore, it’s just expectations and they feel like they are not living up to expectations. On the real, I’ve talked to a lot of people and they are like, “Sarkodie is the only artist that doesn’t have low moments.” Trust me, I have them on a regular basis, I just have a way that I sail through it. There are times, but I have to get my mind back to being able to keep doing this for this long. So, yes, it’s very true that fans can get to you, but it’s also up to you to allow them to do so. That is why the album is titled No Pressure. I want to be able to create freely, create the music I like, it could be a slow jam, that could be the next biggest thing in Ghana. But then if you tell me that because you feel like this person is doing this type of music, that’s what I’m supposed to do, then I miss out on a big opportunity. The sounds on the new project, If I had pressure on me, some of the songs I wouldn’t have done them. So, if I’m listening too much to what the fans think they want, trust me, there’s no way I’ll do it. I need to diffuse the pressure to be able to create music.

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