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PAUSE Meets: Backroad Gee – PAUSE Online

With a collaboration with Jay Z and Kid Cudi on the soundtrack for the film to “The Harder They Fall” and his debut mixtape “Reporting Live (From the Back of the Rads)” having just been released, if you don’t know about Backroad Gee it is time to wake up.

The artist’s high-energy sound is reflected in his personality, often communicating through the adlibs that are laced across his songs. A range of sounds such as “brrrrr” and “vrom Skrt” slip their way into his everyday speech and manage to make sense in context. For those who can’t make sense of them, the UK artist hinted towards making a dictionary on Instagram recently.

His unique style of making songs first took over the UK music scene with a bang in the form of the single Party Popper in 2020, only one year after he started taking music seriously according to the following interview with the musician. A bass-heavy record that includes Backroad rapping in his melodic style, the artist has proven his ability to make a variety of sounds work for him.

On the new tape, which runs at 18 songs in total, the music ranges from upbeat drill to a more ​​jazzy afroswing sound. The diverse range of genres that he works on and blends together makes it a hard task to define Backroad Gee. The common thread in his songs is his energy and choppy flow, however, the beat behind it will regularly switch between different styles.

Taking this into regard, when it is time to sit down with the artist for a chat, I begin by asking him how he would define his sound. Read the full interview below, in which we also discuss his Congolese roots, his new record and his indifference to fashion.

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