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PAUSE Highlights: Airport Outfits – PAUSE Online

Seeing as it’s the month of August, we can now firmly say the holiday season is upon us. If you’re set to jet off to somewhere sunny soon, you might think you’re prepared for what’s ahead. Your checklist might look a little something like this: sunglasses, sun cream, passport, and a good book (amidst a whole host of other holiday essentials), yet an often forgotten aspect of the holiday preparation is one that is arguably most important; the airport outfit.

While there are no written rules for any airport outfit, there are most definitely some unspoken pointers that will make your airport experience that bit better, all the while keeping you looking extra fly. First and foremost: comfort. Above all else, an airport ensemble has to make comfort priority number 1, with everything from the journey to the airport and waiting around at security, to travel delays and long-haul flights being a potential comfort risk. Secondly, adaptability. What if it’s cold when we leave, but warm when we land? We hear you, it’s an age-old problem. That’s why hoodies, crewnecks, and knits are always a winner come travel day, and a great airport outfit often incorporates one of the three into the mix. From here, the world is your oyster (pardon the pun). Colours, cuts, and creps are all up to you, but the words of the day are comfort and adaptability. 

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