ParkOn – Parking app Template

ParkOn – Parking app Template

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ParkOn – Parking app Template

This is a simple and intuitive design for a parking application – find a parking lot easier.

This design contains a Google Map integration, customised with pins for:

  • Parking (has parking lots available)
    ParkOn - Parking app Template - 1
  • Parking (no parking lots available)
    ParkOn - Parking app Template - 2
  • Last parked place
    ParkOn - Parking app Template - 3

All of them can be placed anywhere on map, it depends on your needs, easy to use update code, written in Swift 5, latest version for easy update and maintenance.

Other Features:

  • Quick Tutorial for easy understanding of the app
  • Set a timer reminder when parking time is almost over
  • Set last parking place on map, so you will find easier your car
  • Multiple filters screen(from free to paid parking spots, with different parking time)
  • Parking History
  • Integrate Payment system to pay online for your parking spot.
  • Add possibility to get the route to selected parking sport
  • Minimalistic design
  • Simple and intuitive navigation

ParkOn is designed for multiple screen sizes, has all necessary objects and elements for continuing developing the best app you need. It can be a local app in your country or an international one.

This app is using Cocoapods libraries, so be sure you have installed latest version. Before run, install necessary pods defined in Podfile, it will be better to update to latest pods so you will have less problems while developing the app.

For using Google Maps, you will need to have a Google Maps API Key, which can be generated easily in Google Console.

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