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Oval-Lining Lips Is Trending On TikTok

The secret to full, plumped-up lips is less of a secret and more of an “you’re either born with it or you can afford to get aesthetic intervention” type of situation (we’re not counting that time TikTok went mad for rubbing chilli into your lips to make them swell because… no). But a new trend on TikTok is proof that there is actually a third way, and you only need one thing to give your lips a boost: lip liner. 

TikTok’s latest trend, oval-lining lips, is the filler-free way of getting that sought-after rounded shape on your top lip, making it appear instantly fuller. The principle? Redraw your lips in the shape of a circle to maximise their curve. Simples. 

Unsurprisingly, the revolutionary hack has already received over 63 million views on TikTok, as cost of living, a focus on filler and filter-free lifestyles and just generally being super time poor (though we did have time to binge the entirety of Love is Blind Season 2 on Netflix this weekend but that’s really beside the point), forces us to get more creative with low-cost products we already own. 

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How to oval-line lips

All you need is a lip liner that matches the natural shade of your mouth. Then it’s all about marking out the shape perfectly before going in with the liner. 

Firstly, make small vertical marks on the cupid’s bow and the middle of the lower lip, then draw a circle in the centre of the lips, passing on either side of the two marks. 

Using a cotton swab, erase the excess pencil on the lip contour and bonus step: apply gloss on the brand new ‘oval’ section of your lips to accentuate the “plump” effect. That’s literally it. Uber simple to perform and non-invasive.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

And TikTok users have been rightly marvelling at just how effective the super-simple technique is. “OMG, trying this right now,” one enthusiastic beauty-lover commented under one of the many videos with the hashtag #ovallininglips, another added: “I was sceptical at first but I totally see how this works.”

Some had already tried out the trick and were keen to leave their own encouragement to other TikTok users who were wondering whether to try out the trend. “I do this and it’s amazing,” wrote one, a second saying: “I love doing this!”

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Will you be oval-lining your lips anytime soon?

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