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Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan Review

The Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan launched in the US back in April, selling out rapidly in 20 minutes and leaving most of us waiting for two months for stock to land in the UK. Now, the time has come, and the highly anticipated sister to Our Place’s original Always Pan is here. And the best part? It’s bringing new functionality that neither the Our Place Always Pan nor the Perfect Pot offered (but it’ll only cost you an extra £10). 

Yep: retailing at £135, the new model features an enamelled cast iron that, unlike its Le Creuset casserole dish competitors, doesn’t need seasoning. The cast iron edition is available in those same lovable millennial colours – namely sage, lavender, blue salt, spice, steam and char – and, just like version 1.0 of the Always Pan, it’ll replace eight pieces of cookware in your kitchen. This time, instead of offering buyers a steamer basket, the cast iron Always Pan is oven-safe and can grill, roast and bake in addition to the well-loved frying, sautéing and boiling capabilities of the 2020 model. That said, if you are one for steaming dumplings and all manner of veggies, the new pan is still compatible with the Our Place’s spruce steamer so you needn’t lose out on your Pan-Asian cuisine. 

Cast Iron Always Pan – Blue Salt

Cast Iron Always Pan – Sage

Additional highlights include custom silicone grips for both of the pan’s handles and, as a user of the original model, this is a much-needed improvement after many an incident accidentally using our bare hands to pick up the shorter carry handle without the stay-cool coating. This, as well as the transparent glass lid and high-heat performance – allowing buyers to char, sear and fry without risking damage to the original model’s ceramic nonstick coating – are improvements that show just how much Our Place have listened to customers and reviews over the past few years. 

For us, both versions one and two have a place in your kitchen. While more modest homes might opt for the new cast iron model in an effort to save space, Our Place have anticipated buyers wanting to purchase both the original nonstick pan and the new cast-iron skillet come sauté pan and…*drumroll please* They’ve only gone and released a package two-pan deal with both models for almost £50 off. 

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Why is the Always Pan so popular?

If you needed any more convincing, here are some other specifications that set both the cast-iron Always Pan and original fry pan apart from their competitors:

  • No PFOAs or PTFEs (a nonstick pan coating that was brought into question back in 2019 as a potential health risk)
  • It banishes the need for a separate spoon rest or, alternatively, mucky countertop, providing an integrated handle spoon rest for use with the brand’s included beechwood spatula (which won’t scratch the surface of your pan).
  • Instead of gatekeeping the key to longterm maintenance and cleaning of your pans, Our Place will provide you with a natural sponge to do the job for you, and they even sell their own coconut care oil to keep your wooden spatula in tact, too.

What are customers saying?

While the original Always Pan averages a four and a half our of five stars over 21k customer feedback comments, and the Perfect Pot an even more impressive five-star average (this time over 600 reviews), it’s fair to say Our Place’s products are more than just trending gimmicks. In fact, their products are made to last and, while reviews of the new cast-iron model have yet to go public (with only a limited number being made available back in April), if you ask us, any customer grievances from the previous editions seem to have been resolved. 

See this comment for example; one customer noted in May that their Always Pan seemed have lost its non-stick ability after use with high-heat. This issue, with the addition of hardy, heat-loving cast iron in the new 2022 model, has been acknowledged and, with the new matte black inner coating, any food residue that does become stubborn will not be overtly visible and, in fact, many chefs swear by the added flavour of residual food build up on their cast-iron cookware. 

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