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Olivia Wilde US Vogue January 2022

Anna Wintour appears to be turning over a new leaf at Vogue. After all, 14 of the magazine’s 20 cover stars this year have never graced the American fashion bible before. As we head into 2022, the publication continues to keep standards up by giving the mag’s first offering of the new year to Olivia Wilde, which marks her first Vogue cover appearance. The American actress and director receives the full Vogue treatment for the occasion decked out in a black bra top, skirt and belt from Michael Kors Collection’s Spring 2022 collection courtesy of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson for the image captured by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.


Members of our forums made their feelings abundantly clear. “An interesting choice for sure, but one I’m quite here for. Love the colors and it doesn’t look too overtly edited, which is nice,” appreciated honeycombchild.

“Wow! Very unexpected choice. Love everything!” raved JPineapple.

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[Piece Of Me] couldn’t agree more: “I enjoy this a lot. It feels very fresh, love the sunset and Olivia looks great. Nice to see a somewhat unexpected choice…”

“Great surprise and gorgeous cover! Glad to see a new face on U.S. Vogue‘s cover for a change,” Handbag Queen pointed out.

“Gorgeous cover! Always here for new and unexpected subjects on the cover of American Vogue from time to time… The colors are sublime, love the minimal styling and thoroughly appreciate the subtle shade of purple used for the masthead,” echoed vogue28.

“Absolutely love it, she looks gorgeous. The Michael Kors actually looks good on her, too,” KINGofVERSAILLES chimed in.

“Gorgeous cover and surprising choice! I love it all,” approved LastNight.

See Olivia’s accompanying cover shoot and join the conversation here.

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