OctoKing – Drag and Drop One Page Website Builder

OctoKing – Drag and Drop One Page Website Builder

Author: hmbgPrice: $150

Would you like to get a no-code drag-n-drop webpage building platform that lets you create beautiful and responsive mobile-friendly web pages?

Even better: Would you like to offer this awesome platform to your visitors/customers UNDER YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME?

Just upload the files to your hosting account and you’re ready!

Meet OctoKing.com (Drag-and-Drop No-code website building platform)




About OctoKing

OctoKing is a no-code drag-n-drop responsive one-page website builder. You can visually create almost any kind of single-page website with it.

No coding skill required. 

Build, download, and upload/host the files in your server/hosting.



  • Easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop Website Builder
  • No coding skill required
  • Integrations (MailChimp, Font Awesome Free Icons, Google Fonts, and Google Analytics)
  • PHP Contact form
  • Embed iFrame and Video (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Pre-design blocks
  • Animation on Scroll
  • Download or Import project file for further modification
  • Add Custom HTML, CSS, and JS codes
  • Unlimited export


1: Server/Hosting needed

You need to upload the files to your server to work properly.

2: It has no login and CMS system.



# OctoKing Changelog
## June 12, 2021
### v0.0.1

### New features
    1: Inline Text editing
    2: Nested columns
    3: Add/Remove Columns
    4: Set responsive width to Column element
    5: Shuffle Columns
    6: Add responsive height to Section/Block element
    7: On click move Section/Block Up/Down
    8: Add rel attribute nofollow/sponsored/ugc
    9: Add text background color/image
    10: Update to Bulma CSS Framework v0.9.2
    11: Switch to HTML5 Sortable (https://github.com/lukasoppermann/html5sortable)

### Removed features
    1: SortableJS (https://sortablejs.github.io/Sortable/)
    2: Multi sortable
    3: Double click for Column element

### Bug fixes
    1: Fix AOS
    2: Fix file upload issue
    3: Fix Contact form issue

### Improvements
    1: Improve Drag and Drop function
    2: Improve source codes

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