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New Year’s Eve Dresses to Ring in 2022

New Year’s Eve — definitely one of the most overhyped holidays of the year — is just around the corner. In other words, it’s dress shopping time. (Just because you’re celebrating at home or with only a few friends doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on new New Year’s Eve dresses.)

Generally speaking, more is more when it comes to New Year’s Eve dressing. You want something glamorous, but not garish. Sleek, but not too simple. Something that you’ll probably only find yourself wearing once or twice a year, but whatever. It’s New Year’s Eve. Live it up.

Given that there are currently about 1,000 sparkly midis and velvet shifts floating around cyberspace and we know you’re busy last-minute holiday gift shopping/mediating a 20-texts-deep New Year’s Eve group chat, we went ahead and did the scouting for you. See below for 21 perfect New Year’s Eve dresses, all designed with plus-size women in mind. From cool wrap dresses to a bold blazer number to options with plenty of texture, there’s something for every shape, aesthetic and budget. (Oh to live in a world where every piece of clothing came in inclusive sizing and size-specific shopping roundups were a thing of the past. Maybe we’ll get there in 2022.)

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