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New AI Bra-Fitting Technology Means You Can Measure Your Bra Size From Home

If you wear a bra,  chances are that you know how important it is to have a bra-fitting. 

Too tight and you’re constantly having to adjust, your chest feels squashed and sometimes it even contributes to acid reflux if it’s pushing too hard on your abdomen. Too loose, and your boobs feel unsupported, uncomfortable, and you might experience shoulder and back pain.

Why, then, do so few of us actually go for a bra-fitting? Lingerie e-tailer Womanhood revealed recently that 41% of its customers revealed that they haven’t been fitted in over five years, while 19% admitted that they’ve never been fitted at all.

Whether it’s the faff of getting to a store or the potential awkwardness during the fitting itself, more and more women are forgoing the bra-fitting and approaching their bra size as a sort of trial-and-error guessing game. 

Which is why Womanhood – a brand founded in 2019 with the primary aim of empowering women though body confidence when shopping for lingerie and is the only UK lingerie e-tailer to exclusively stock female-founded brands – have come up with a solution, after discovering that 90% of its returns are due to incorrectly-fitting product when their customer doesn’t know their true size.

Joining forces with up-and-coming femtech start-up Brarista, they have launched a one-of-a-kind AI digital bra-fitting service which marks the first of its kind anywhere in the UK and is proven to be twice as effective as using tape measures.

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