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NEDA Kicks Off ‘Body Acceptance Week’ Campaign Starring Chenese Lewis

November 1st kicks off the first day of NEDA’s ‘Body Acceptance Week’ campaign and we wanted to let you know all the details!

NEDA Launches Body Acceptance Week

If you are unfamiliar with NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), they are the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and they offer a plethora of resources for anyone that may need it.

The organization hopes to raise more awareness as they launch their inaugural ‘Body Acceptance Week’ from November 1 – 5, 2021. Body Acceptance Week promotes body positivity, body neutrality, and body liberation for all!

Stats show that 28.8 million Americans (of all demographics and body sizes) will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime. While there is no single cause of eating disorders, research does indicate that body dissatisfaction is a leading risk factor.

As part of NEDA’s commitment to eating disorder prevention, Body Acceptance Week provides resources, education, and support for those experiencing body dissatisfaction and its associated risk factors.

“Body positivity is the most popular phrase, but some people don’t feel like that is a realistic concept for them. Body Acceptance Week expands the definitions of body acceptance to be more inclusive.”

-Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis, who was dubbed ‘One of the Original Plus-Size Influencers’ by Forbes, appears in a new video for the campaign in which she reflects on her own journey with body acceptance, and offers advice for those experiencing body dissatisfaction.

Watch it below:

“Body Acceptance Week is a reminder that all people and bodies are worthy of acceptance and empowerment,” says Liz Thompson, the CEO of NEDA. “For individuals at all stages of body acceptance and eating disorder recovery, learning to challenge societal pressures to conform to a certain body type can empower them to feel better about themselves and their bodies.”

Want To Participate In NEDA’s Body Acceptance Week?

  1. Take the Body Affirmation Pledge to show your commitment to body acceptance for yourself and others.
  2. Create your own social media posts about your body acceptance journey! Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag—#BodyAcceptanceWeek—and tag NEDA (@Neda on Instagram and @NEDAstaff on Twitter)
Want to learn more about body acceptance? Check out these articles on The Curvy Fashionista!

Will you be participating in Body Acceptance Week?! Let us know, we would love to see your posts!

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