modern casino slot machine with admob integration

modern casino slot machine with admob integration

Author: bllhlskrPrice: $69

Build your own Casino / Slots App! It’s a simple Slot Machine. The most profitable app category. Maximize your earning with abmod ads.

The application is ready to upload to the App Store. Does not require any configuration.

  • Features:
  • -Most profitable app category
  • -Easy to Reskin
  • -Admob integrated
  • -Universal App for iPhone/iPad an mac
  • -Swift Code
  • -No Programming Skills Required
  • -Fast Support
  • -Easy to use
  • -Best ux experience with haptic and sound feedbacks

if you need any changes or new integration you can reach me simple feature addings 30$ big features and reskin 50$

!! When you upload this to store you should change the sound !!

You can reach me any time and ask me anything.

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