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Millie Bobby Brown “So Down” To Play Halsey In A Biopic

Millie Bobby Brown could be reprising one of the coolest of roles – playing Halsey in their biopic. Well, she’s seriously game for it at least. You gotta start somewhere.

In an interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show, the presenter suggested the Stranger Things star as the perfect actress to play Halsey in a film about their life.

The singer responded very humbly, laughing that they’re “not famous enough to cast Millie”, asking Jimmy if he’d consider stepping into the role instead. That’s another interesting direction to go, for sure!

“No, Millie would be so great,” they added. “It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh, no, we actually just look like sisters.’”

Amazingly, Millie seems to be on board if this casting was ever a real opportunity. She shared the video interview on her Instagram story with the comment “soooo down”.

Dimitrios Kambouris

Who knows what could happen? A film about Halsey’s life was in the works a few years back, but halted because the singer became involved with Alev Aydin, who had been hired to write the project. 

This EXTREMELY cute twist of events was unfortunately viewed as a “conflict of interest”, what with Aydin becoming a part of the story and all, but Millie could very well be drafted into a later version of the movie. We’re obsessed with this thought.

After all, she’s already one of the best actors of her generation, blowing us all away with the brand new season of Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown recently opened up to Still Watching Netflix about her favourite scene of Stranger Things 4, and it wasn’t any of the action-packed, monster-filled ones. It was one about love and insecurity.

“One of my favourite scenes in Season 4 is the scene where Eleven expresses to Mike that he isn’t loving her the way that she wants to be loved,” she said. “I really like that scene; I think it’s very real and authentic. 

“Is she worth it without her powers? Does he love her without her powers? Is she still this superwoman in his mind? It’s very emotional. I think it shows a real, true girl dealing with her insecurities. I really enjoyed that.”

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