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Millie Bobby Brown Looks Amazing In Cut-Out 18th Birthday Dress

Our girl Millie Bobby Brown has served up a second incredible 18th birthday look – this time consisting of a seriously sparkly strapless dress, with a cut out panel underneath her chest and a slit up the leg. It’s super chic, we are huge fans.

This comes after she posted her first birthday lewk a few days prior, where she dressed up as Barbie – complete with corset dress and long blonde hair – alongside her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi as a very convincing Ken. 

She completed her glitzy look with natural looking make up, with a touch of glitter around the eyes to honour her dress, along with a killer French manicure. Her Insta post of this outfit was taken in the back of a limo, and really, would we expect anything less from this queen?

An array of celeb followers sung her praises and sent birthday wishes on this post, including Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s Emma Caulfield and Paris Hilton. N’awww.

In an interview with GLAMOUR, Millie Bobby Brown has opened up further about her style choices, and how she’s poured these tastes into her clean beauty brand Florence By Mills.

“The beauty and skincare community is ever evolving, ever changing and the exciting part for me is Florence By Mills is fast paced enough to move with that,” she said. “I really like that we jump on the trends and that’s what we thrive for. I’ve learned so much from that.”

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While she’s sporting a long-haired look as part of her demure, glittery birthday look, we can assume that Millie’s wearing extensions or a wig, because she cut in an incredible bob just a few months ago. 

She told GLAMOUR that while she loved a “long-haired moment”, she generally prefers her hair short.

“That’s something I’ve learned and having shaved my head when I was 10,” she said. “I got what the most extreme version of ‘short’ is, and I got addicted to that. So now every time my hair gets long, I cut it short again so that I don’t have to deal with any long hair. 

“But I think what’s really fun with short hair is that you can have a long-haired moment. You can just put wigs on and have really a lot of fun with that. Whereas when you have long hair, it’s really hard to go short. I think short is better, it’s like a clean base.”

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