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Millie Bobby Brown Just Discovered How Old Eleven Is In Stranger Things

Ever since Millie Bobby Brown appeared on our screens on Stranger Things in 2016, she’s been synonymous in our minds with her character, Eleven.

Yet despite playing the character for the past six years, it seems one detail slipped Millie’s notice: her character’s actual age at crucial points during the narrative, namely, her on-screen kisses.

This oversight made for very comic viewing when Millie, who is dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son Jake Bongiovi in real life, inadvertently revealed her confusion during an interview to promote the long-awaited latest season 4 of Stranger Things, which was released last Friday.

The 18-year-old star, who also plays the titular character in Netflix’s Enola Holmes (which has been renewed for a second film!) was fed the information about her character’s age during the press junket, which she did jointly with fellow Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp.

”Eleven is 14? I was making out with Mike at 13?!’

It’s worth mentioning that Millie ironically looks a world away from her Stranger Things character during the press junket, with her long, parted blonde hair, styled with two plaits at the front, completely different from Eleven’s trademark brunette bob and fringe.

After her interviewer clarifies – referencing the show’s high school context – she continues: ‘I’m like 16 [referring to her age when she started playing the character], I was thinking maybe 16, 17? That’s insane. We need definite clarification, they’re emailing right now.’ 

Courtesy of Netflix

Yet she clearly saw the funny side through her outrage, smiling and laughing with Noah, who exclaims, ‘We were so young!’

According to the Stranger Things fandom site, Eleven, a child with inherited psychokinetic abilities who was kidnapped and raised in a lab, was just 12 in season one. As fans of the show will know, she manages to escape the lab in the show’s first season – meeting friends Lucas, Dustin and Mike, the latter of whom she develops a romantic bond with.

Which makes her character, drum roll, just 13 years old when she starts canoodling with Mike’s character, who is played by Finn Wolfhard.  

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