Micro Jobs and Paid Social Gigs with Admin Panel

Micro Jobs and Paid Social Gigs with Admin Panel

Author: morningstarcodePrice: $18

Micro Jobs and Paid Social Gigs is ultimate rewarded task and gig creating/completing service and win real prizes that comes with Firebase realtime and powerful features.
It is developed in Java with Android studio (AndroidX, MVVM, etc.), the admin panel and api is developed with Strapi framework (Koajs and Reactjs).


  • Easily integrated with Admin Panel
  • Manage gigs, reward, user list easily from admin panel
  • Manage created gigs and reward requests.
  • Rewarding system to users when gigs are done successfully.
  • Leader board feature.
  • Invite friend feature.
  • Easily integrated with Firebase to holds realtime play feature, leader board, etc..
  • In-app purchasing to get more credits to able to create custom gig over app.
  • Admob is integrated with Interstitial and Banner
  • Google, Facebook, Email and Phone Registration
  • FCM push notification that adding from Firebase messaging.

Demo APK
Admin Panel Demo:
Username : admin@gmail.com
Password : 12345678Ac>

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