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Melanie Lynskey Talks Body-Shaming on Coyote Ugly Set

Lynskey played the best friend to Piper Perabo’s main character in Coyote Ugly, which she said was an archetype she didn’t want to fall into too much. Because when you’re in your early 20s, Lynskey noted, so much of how people perceive you is about fuckability. “Just the feedback was constantly like, ‘You’re not beautiful. You’re not beautiful,’” she said. 

Even more body-policing fell on Lynskey’s Coyote Ugly costars. “But the scrutiny that was on Piper [Perabo], who’s one of the coolest, smartest women, just the way people were talking about her body, talking about her appearance, focusing on what she was eating,” she said. “All the girls had this regimen they had to go on.”

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We may have come a long way as a society since 2000, but clearly we have not come far enough, because Lynskey is still dealing with the body-shamers in the year 2022. In a Rolling Stone interview in January, she described being body-shamed by a production member on Yellowjackets. “They were asking me, ‘What do you plan to do? I’m sure the producers will get you a trainer. They’d love to help you with this,’” she said. And Melanie hit back at the haters again on Twitter, writing, “Most egregious are the ‘I care about her health!!’ people…bitch you don’t see me on my Peleton! You don’t see me running through the park with my child. Skinny does not always equal healthy.”

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.

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