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Megan Fox said what we’ve all been thinking about this controversial fashion trend

“It doesn’t matter where you’re at, I think every woman is like, ‘I just ate lunch and I’m not going to be in these low-rise jeans and a crop top,’” Fox said. Now, we here at Glamour think it’s not so much a body issue (if you just ate a big meal, so what?), but the discomfort Fox is referring to is all too real: Spending all your energy ensuring your pants stay put during a quick trip to Starbucks? Go for it if you want, but that’s just not a journey I’m interested in right now (others may disagree). As the actor so aptly put it, “It’s not an outfit to wear all day.” 

Now promoting her second collection with Boohoo, Fox also talked about what she is into. “I’ve been talking a lot about the idea of joy and playfulness, and I think that’s something that I would want women to experience when they’re getting dressed with the clothes,” she said. “It is obviously about body confidence but the idea of genuinely having fun, like having joy and a playful, childlike nature, when you’re getting dressed and expressing yourself.”

And ultra-low-rise jeans have no place in that. End of discussion. Thank you, Megan Fox.

This story was originally published on GLAMOUR US.

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