Material Design Components – UI/UX

Material Design Components – UI/UX

Author: iSomleaPrice: $37

Implementation of Material Design Components to help you to create modern apps with great UI/UX.

-Timeline x4
-Login x2
-Music Player
-Audio recorder
-Intro cards
-User profile x4
-Image slider

Material Components

– Buttons:
*Dynamic background & animation
*Floating action button

– Messages:

– Text:
*Text fields

– Pickers:
*Image colors

– Menu:
*Menu (popup & list popup)
*Menu in Toolbar
*Sliding panel
*App bars: top
*App bars: bottom

– Bottom sheet:
*Basic | Dialog | Dialog fragment | Grid | Purchase
*Music Player
*Google Maps – Explore

– Notifications:
*Push (Basic, Basic with action, Big text and photo, Inbox style,
Youtube style, Music Player, Custom Layout, Chat,
Download with progress, Download)
*Bars & Tabs

– Chips:

– Progress indicators:

– Sliders:

– ImageView:

– Navigation:
*Navigation drawer
*ViewPager & Title
*ViewPager & TabLayout
*ViewPager2 & TabLayout
*Dynamic Pager & Tabs
*Bottom navigation

– Navigation styles:
*TabLayout WhatsApp
*Bottom navigation
*Bottom navigation instagram
*Bottom navigation youtube
Bottom navigation tiktok

– Expandable:
*Floating action button

– RecyclerView:
*Dynamic Grid
*Swipe to refresh
*Swipe to dismiss
*Swipe to dismiss & action
*Drag & Drop
*Drag & Drop Album
*Music Player
*Action mode

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