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Maddie Ziegler has dropped a new makeup collection with Morphe 2 and it’s autumn goals

“The reason I called it Changement is because it means ‘to change’ in French, it’s actually a ballet term,” she says, referencing her dancer background. “From my first collection with Morphe [in 2020] to my second collection with Morphe 2, I’ve evolved so much in a short amount of time and I think that’s what “Changement” is all about – to change, to grow and to evolve,” Maddie explains. “I also played into weather because it changes all the time and is very unpredictable, so I named a lot of the eyeshadows different weather terms. My favourite shade would have to be ‘Downpour’ [a deep, foggy blue] it’s so beautiful and pigmented.”

Beyond the palette, there’s three gel liners, Downpour a steely blue to match its eyeshadow counterpart, Loyal (purple) and Golden Hour (Bronze). There’s also a brush set, hair clips and a freckle pen that comes in four shades.

“I always have to gel down my brows – always,” says Maddie. “I love a clear brow gel,” she continues. “The one from Makeup by Mario is my favourite. It’s the only one I’ve found that truly keeps them in place all day, but doesn’t feel gluey or sticky.” As for filling them in, she created her Drawn Out Brow & Freckle Pen. “I use it on sparse areas, but I also love to use it to enhance my freckles because sometime makeup covers them, so this brings them back to life.”

Away from her own collection, Maddie has a lot of respect for fellow beauty creators. “I’m truly obsessed with the Rhode Salted Caramel Lip Peptide Treatment. Whatever Hailey [Bieber] put in this product, it’s gorgeous. I have three of them now (one in my makeup bag, car and purse),” Maddie reveals. “My lips crave this product. It’s the most hydrated my lips feel, and it’s the most delicious taste. I don’t want it to run out, it’s my favourite.”

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