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Love Your Body Day: 4 Tips to Becoming Your Very Own Self-Love Influencer

Social Media and influencers have taken over the world. Everywhere you go, people are stuck to their phones like glue, watching Tik Tok challenges, seeing what’s new on the “Gram,”; even changing career paths via LinkedIn. One of the most popular jobs in the world to date is being a Social Media Influencer. The ability to document your life or model the latest trends while getting paid…per post? Who wouldn’t want to be an influencer?

Not all of us want to become an influencer as a full-time job; however, the confidence that many influencers exude is highly coveted. I can’t count the times where I swiped through social media, loving all of my curvy ladies doing fashion hauls, creating reels, and taking photos that are just simply amazing! So many of my wardrobe ideas and hacks have come from my favorite plus size influencers killing the game!

I know far too many women who will compliment an influencer before standing in the mirror to praise themselves. Instead, the complaints I hear are “I wish I had time to do my hair like…”, or “I love that outfit and would love to try it, but…”.

I hear endless statements about wanting to try this makeup hack or wanting to feel confident enough to take a simple photo.

Why is that?

In this day in age, we should be so willing to try new things and venture outside of our own “boxes.”

And whatever we choose to do, we should be happy and do it because we want to! So, since this is a fashion platform, let’s explore being a fashion influencer in our own lives.

Here are 4 tips to becoming your OWN Self-Love Fashion Influencer!

Tip #1: Hello Fashion Lover!

If fashion is your jam, then let’s learn to embrace it! What trends right now have you inspired? What style do you like? How do you want to look? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to change my style”? Well, I know I have. The best answer I came up with was “just do the damn thing”!

Don’t have the wardrobe that you want? Are you shopping on a budget? No worries!

Make a plan. Think about what you want, write it down, and then buy smartly. Look at what you already have and see if you can improvise! Why buy EVERYTHING new when you don’t have to? If you are going to buy, think about TCF’s Shop for our most coveted pieces!!!

The key to this is to get what you want! Be free!


Tip #2: It’s a Vibe

So, you have your clothes…what’s next? Don’t wait for that perfect event, and allow your precious finds to collect dust! Instead, follow the steps of many influencers: Go somewhere, anywhere, and just take pictures of yourself!

Try setting up your very own photo studio/dressing area. Pour yourself something nice, put your favorite playlist on repeat, and have fun with your clothes. See how creative you can be by mixing and matching, adding accessories, and even shoes!

Jacobi Beveled Floor Mirror By Anthropologie

Friend, look in that mirror and be mesmerized by your sexy self! If you have a look that you always wanted to try, then try it! So what are you waiting for?

Tip #3: Picture Perfect

Okay, so you are trying on your “digs” and loving the mood. Well, now it’s time to take a photo of yourself! You don’t have to post it. You don’t even have to send it out to your friends. It can be just for you! So get yourself a little remote or put your camera phone on the sensor and take pics of YOU!


But there are rules to this. You cannot be judgy! Don’t look at yourself in a negative light whatsoever! Perfection is when you can look at your imperfections and say that you are still amazing! A work of art even! This is called “Self Love.”

Many would say that if you are shy and don’t like taking pictures of yourself, then take them for yourself! Then when you feel up to it, you can share those photos with the world if you choose. But should you never want to, it’s your business, baby!

Tip #4: Have Fun and Love “You”, Boo!

Finally, just have fun. Fashion was created to allow for self-expression. With that said, baby, express yourself! Be kind to yourself. Don’t love others more than you love you, boo!

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