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London: Best Things To Do This Summer

London in the summer, it’s unbeatable, isn’t it? Okay, forget that we aren’t terribly equipped to deal with our annual two-week heatwave (that’s where hand-held fans and a lot of ice lollies come in handy), but for the most part, summer is the perfect time for us to get out there and explore what the British capital has to offer.

Gone are the icy cold, miserable days (4pm sunsets, we do not miss you), unappealing grey skies and long nights in front of the telly, and in are the glorious lush greenery of London’s sprawling parks, the historical significance of the city’s most stunning architecture and a whole lot of entertainment and festivals to keep you partying and socialising until the early hours. Bliss.

And as Londoners, we’re lucky to have pretty much everything at our door stop. Whether your interests are music, shopping, food, the royals, and much more, you will not have a chance to be bored this summer. 

And if you feel overwhelmed with all the choices of what you can be doing while the weather is excellent, GLAMOUR has you covered below.

So slap on your suncream, pop on your shades and slip on your sandals because we’re not staying at home for the next few months. See you there!

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