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Lola Lennox talks about collaborating with her famous mum and her diverse musical inspiration

I read that you shot the single for your 2020 single, ‘Pale’, when you were in lockdown. What was the experience like at that time, as a creative person especially?

Yeah. We’d planned to have the single out before the lockdown and I hadn’t done a video, so we were like, right, let’s just roll up our sleeves and make the most of this. Everyone who’s an artist had to do the same thing. So we had like a camcorder, and my boyfriend shot it. It was in my apartment, we used a lot of like what’s the word? Like, I can’t remember the word, but when you layer two images on top of each other, so we were using little editing tricks to make it feel more interesting. At that time, everyone was at home having to get resourceful and figure out how to make things work, whether it’s people having to homeschool their kids or how to get the shopping in. Everyone was having to think out of the box at that time. And that video reflects that time.

Let’s discuss your upcoming EP. What are you hoping people will take away from it?

So it’s coming out in October. I literally just finished it. It’s going to be a collection of songs. Some that I’ve already released and two new ones: one’s called ‘Dreamer’ and one’s called ‘Hourglass’. Compared to my singles, which are more upbeat, this EP has a more emotional tone – because my favourite is to sing sad, slower songs. ‘Hourglass’ is a more melancholic song, while ‘Dreamer’, like its title, is shimmery but also had soul and depth – I’m excited to share it.

What are the best and worst things about having followed in your mother’s career footsteps?

Well the best is that it’s incredibly inspiring to see a woman who’s so strong and has such a connection to her artistry push herself to make something perfect and meaningful and great. So the best part is being able to witness it. I would watch the shows and go on tour with her and see albums coming together. That definitely was like the most inspiring thing. I don’t know what the worst would be. Because I was surrounded by music as a kid, it just came naturally to me. I don’t know if I would be doing the same thing that I’m doing now, if I hadn’t witnessed it as a kid – hearing the power of music and seeing how it touched me, I just thought, I want to make that part of my life.

You collaborated with your mum on a performance of ‘There Must Be An Angel’ to raise money for the World Health Organisation during 2020. I also see you’re raising money for your Mum’s NGO, The Circle, via your Instagram bio link. Do you see yourself moving even more into the charitable giving space yourself?

Definitely.Being a woman in music, l really want to be able to inspire other women to feel like they can do whatever it is they want – to inspired that feeling of strength. I’m also really interested in protecting the environment and saving the planet. So whatever I can do that comes my way to support different NGOs and charities, I’m totally open to helping those things. For my life right now, I’m primarily focused on the music, but as I continue to grow, I would like to make that a priority. Because it’s so fundamental to help others.

On that subject, what’s next for you? Do you see yourself branching out of music at all? 

I don’t see myself branching out of music. It’s just who I am. It’s more about what I’ll be doing within that. When I go back to LA, I’ll be shooting a music video for the EP. Then I’m gonna take a little time out and start writing an album and putting ideas together for a bigger collection of songs. It’s exciting, because when you are doing singles, you’re kind of thinking of songs in isolation. I’m excited to give a narrative of a whole story of different songs and to dive into whatever that might mean. That’s the next chapter.

Lola Lennox’s latest single, ‘Want More’, is out now.

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