Live Streaming/Videos/Movies Platform

Live Streaming/Videos/Movies Platform

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This Android Application is for Suitable for Live Streaming + Videos + Movies Platform like you have website where you upload vidoes or you have a YouTube Channel. Then this app is greate for you. The most intresting feature of this product is you can fetch videos from any Youtube Channel in a few clicks. You can create a News App by fetching data from a News Youtube Channel. You can create a Sports VideosPlatfrom App by fetching data from a Sports Youtube Channel. You can also add multiple live streams from admin pannel.

Admin Pannel Demo

Username: admin

Password: admin

Admin Pannel Demo


Demo Apk File


Detail Image

To check how to add videos directly from youtbe into admin pannel Click Here.

Other Features:

Operates from Simple and Easy to Use Php based Admin Pannel
Admob Advertisement Enabled
Supports All Kinds of Live Streamings:
Youtube Live Streaming
HLS Streaming ( .m3u8 )
DASH Streaming
Smooth Streaming
Supports Other Formats: .mp4 – .flv – .avi etc

Check for Update
Checking for Streams ( is any stream added using admin pannel )
Random Videos Fetching ( Home Page/Screen )
Latest and Popular Videos Fetching
Fetching Data Categories Wise
You can set separate social link for each stream
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