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Little Simz’s Brit Awards Acceptance Speech Is Everything

The Brit Awards are always a night to remember, and thanks to Little Simz (and her mum), we certainly won’t be forgetting this one in a hurry. 

Having received three Brit Award nominations, Little Simz was widely predicted to be one of the biggest successes of the night. And even this turned out to be an understatement. 

As she accepted the Brit for ‘Best New Artist’, Little Simz delivered what’s already been dubbed “the speech of the night.” Accompanied by her mum, Little Simz began her speech saying “Thank you so much. Mum, look at what you’ve done. Look at what you’ve done.” 

She continued, “I wanna say thank you to everyone that’s supported me on this journey so far. My name is Simbiatu Ajikawo. I’m from North London, Islington. [I] grew up on a council estate, I’m an independent artist and to be here tonight, receiving this award is such a blessing. I’m so grateful.”

Little Simz then delivered an empowering message to everyone watching at home, saying, “I am living proof that if you work hard at something, no matter where you come from, no matter your background, no matter your race, you can do something extraordinary. So this is for all the kids dreaming… Keep dreaming, keep pushing, I am you, you are me. Blessings, thank you so much.” 

Understandably, Twitter was in bits after this speech. One person tweeted, “This is precious! This is everything Little Simz deserves,” while another wrote, “Little Simz bringing out her mum I can’t cope, I’m gonna cry #brits2022 #Brits,” and another added, “Little Simz speech with her mum crying got me like #brits2022.”

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In her interview with GLAMOUR in 2021, Little Simz spoke powerfully about being a woman in the music industry, saying, “The worst advice I’ve ever been given is having to conform as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and having to only go down the ‘sex sells’ route. 

“Just because I keep my clothes on does not mean I’m not a sexual person, or that I don’t have sexual energy. How I choose to and am comfortable presenting myself is up to me. On the other hand, the best advice I’ve ever been given is to do more than the bare minimum and push yourself. Also to not be complacent and do what people think is expected of you. 

“Go beyond that for yourself. Not even for anyone else, you know what I mean? Just be two steps ahead kind of thing.” 

What a woman.

For more from Glamour UK’s Lucy Morgan, follow her on Instagram @lucyalexxandra.

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