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Little Simz On Her New Music, Female Rappers Beauty Standards & More

There has been a lot of advice given on my journey, some not so good…

“The worst advice I’ve ever been given is having to conform as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and having to only go down the ‘sex sells’ route. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think there needs to be a balance, but I think that we have to just allow people to be themselves. I don’t have to morph myself into this being, because maybe people will be more receptive to that, instead of allowing me to be myself.  Just because I keep my clothes on does not mean I’m not a sexual person, or that I don’t have sexual energy. How I choose to and am comfortable presenting myself is up to me. On the other hand, the best advice I’ve ever been given is to do more than the bare minimum and push yourself. Also to not be complacent and do what people think is expected of you. Go beyond that for yourself. Not even for anyone else, you know what I mean? Just be two steps ahead kind of thing.” 

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In another life, I’d would definitely be at a school, teaching young people…

“If I wasn’t in the creative industry, I’d maybe go into something like teaching. I think kids are the future. Sometimes, we underwrite kids… It’s going to be their world soon and I think the more we can invest in them the better for us and the better for our planet and the better for our world. So in another life, I’d definitely be helping nurture the next generation of individuals.” 

If my beauty cabinet was on fire, you best believe my lips won’t be left chapped…

“I wear makeup but I can definitely survive without it. So there are certain things that I’d have a really hard time without. If my lips are just always dry or like my face wasn’t feeling too good or whatever it is. So if my beauty cabinet was set on fire, I’d have to save my Burts Bees lip balm first and foremost, because I hate having dry lips, I’d also save a rosewater and shea butter for my hair and body to keep it healthy and hydrated and moisturised.

Little Simz has joined forces with Adobe to inspire young people in the UK to pursue a creative career. To find out more on the routes available, visit Adobe’s Love the Journey website.

For more from Glamour UK Beauty & Features Assistant Shei Mamona, follow her on Instagram @sheimamona

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