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Liquid Lipsticks 2022: Long-lasting, Comfortable And Dripping In Colour

Lipstick is arguably one of the most powerful makeup products. It can make us feel bold, alluring, strong, sexy or, simply like ourselves. That being said, it doesn’t come without its downfalls. Our biggest bugbear? Smudging. Lipstick can be frustrating to maintain throughout the day with constant clean-up and reapplication, whether it’s on our teeth or all over our faces (thanks, face masks).

Luckily, traditional lipstick has a tenacious little sister, lipstick liquid, that has far superior staying power. In fact, many formulas literally will not budge until you spend a good few minutes massaging a cleanser into them. 

It’s well worth having a liquid lipstick in your makeup collection for the days when you mean business and for the nights you need makeup to last until the very last cocktail. There are endless options ripe for the picking, from matte to velvet and everyone’s favourite, red. Either way, if you really want your lip colour to last and last, liquid formulas are the way to go.

While the original wave of liquid lipsticks tended to be quite drying, leaving lips feeling parched and cracked after a few hours, the most recent iterations are far more moisturising and comfortable to wear. Some contain natural lip conditioners, including vitamin E and sunflower seed wax, to help keep lips hydrated, and others have clever lightweight formulas to avoid feeling heavy or cakey. 

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Whatever shade you’re looking for and whatever your budget, we’ve rounded up the very best liquid lipsticks available right now…

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