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Lion’s Gate Portal: What Is It?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is trending on Google because astrologists consider today (August 8th) to be one of the luckiest dates ever.

So what exactly is the Lion’s Gate Portal, why is it considered so lucky and, most importantly, how can you reap the rewards? 

Basically, the Lion’s Gate Portal is like a cosmic holiday that occurs every year when a certain alignment happens in the sky. The portal is “open” between July 26 and August 12 but its powers are most potent today, making it the prime time to manifest exactly what you want.

As psychic Zee to Zen explains: “The 8th of the 8th is a fundamental spiritual date as it’s when the veil between our world and the spiritual world is incredibly thin, the perfect time to manifest your goals.

“The Lion’s Gate portal is when Sirius, Earth and the Orion constellation are all in alignment with each other. Lion’s Gate gets its name from the zodiac sign of Leo, which the Sun is currently transiting through. Leo is all about our hearts and the passions that beat there. Leo likes to have it all, to go big or go home.

“Today you’ll experience a huge energetic shift. Take some time out to remember who you truly are, practice your gratitude and be clear with your dreams to manifest all that your heart desires.

“This is your opportunity to be proud, have the strength and be your highest self.”

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to start manifesting, perhaps this will: Within numerology — in which individual numbers have huge significance – the number 8 represents wealth, abundance, luck, and good vibes. And when turned on its side, 8 represents the symbol for infinity.

So how can you reap the benefits and conjure up some luck of your own? Zee recommends manifesting by repeating the following affirmations several times whilst focusing on what you really want from life:

You are living in your dream home

You have all you manifested

You can hear the abundance around

You are surrounded by those who light up your soul

You are wearing that perfume your highest self would wear

Embody this dream life. Visualise your manifestations. Awaken your soul self.
Affirmation to repeat: I am abundant in all areas of my life

Feeling empowered yet?

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