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Lily James Talks Almost Pulling Out of Pamela Anderson Biopic Pammy & Tommy

Lily James has spoken out about the impact of playing Pamela Anderson for upcoming biopic Pam & Tommy had on her, and her temptation to pull out before filming.

The film follows Anderson and musician Tommy Lee’s relationship, including the controversy that followed a sex tape of theirs being released to the public.

In an interview with Variety, James has opened up about the pressures when it came to stepping into the shoes of such an icon. The pre-filming boot camp was gruelling, and she admitted to considering pulling out. 

“I really wanted to pull out of this a week before,” she says, adding feeling like: “‘I can’t do it. I can’t do it.’ It just felt too frightening. But I think that’s a good place to work from because it keeps you growing and getting better, I hope.”

Lily James has looked deep into Anderson’s life and mannerisms, matching the makeup team’s incredible work turning her into the Baywatch babe and Sebastian Stan into Tommy Lee.

“She talks really fast, and I would watch her interviews over and over again and annotate them, learn them and parrot along with her,” James said. “I wanted to get that energy and that impulsiveness and that spirit that she has when she’s in front of the camera.”

Even though she felt some anxieties about taking on such a huge role, James described tapping into Anderson’s qualities, particularly her ability to stand up for what she believes in. Honestly, same.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan as the iconic Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.


 “Sometimes you admire qualities in people that you feel you’re lacking, or you want to be more like,” she said. “And I’ve always felt there was this boldness to Pamela, this unashamed kind of authenticity. And even without knowing exactly what went on and the details of the tape, just who she kind of stands for, it feels so brave.”

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