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Lazy Oaf & LAVA LA RUE Team Up For ‘LAVALAND’ Collection – PAUSE Online

Lazy Oaf and up-and-coming London visual artist/musician Lava La Rue have collaborated on a new unisex capsule.

The collection features 11 pieces that were taken directly from the sketchbook of Lava La Rue, being inspired by her own fashion sense and the popular Y2K retro-futurism wave.

The pieces go wild on the colour palette, with bright pinks, oranges, and blues being the real eye-catchers. Some of the more central standouts include a matching set of pink fluffy trousers and hoodie- matched with bunny ears- as well as an oversized hockey shirt that dons a split flag design. Speaking about the collection, Lava La Rue said:

“LAVALAND is for us, our community and like-minded folk- the good vibes collaborators; a uniform to wear on your platonic dates with besties.”

Available now via Lazy Oaf’s website. See what you think of the collection below.

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