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Kristen Stewart Is The Latest Celeb Fan Of Bottleneck Bangs, And We’re Sold

We already knew bottleneck bangs were going to be a thing in 2022, but Kristen Stewart just made it very clear why you should go ahead and book that salon appointment. 

During a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the Spencer star debuted a dramatic new fringe that was blunt and short in the centre and longer on the sides, which doesn’t sound like it should work but totally does. In an extremely cool twist on the ever-popular curtain bang, the shortest part of Stewart’s bang sat well above her brow while the sides swooped away from her face.

The bangs served to frame the actor’s face while the rest of Stewart’s hair was pinned up in a “messy” up-do. You know, the kind of effortless look that probably took an hour and an extra set of hands to perfect. See for yourself:

Earlier this month, GLAMOUR described bottleneck bangs as “the daintier take on curtain bangs.” The hype comes down to the look’s edgy vibe as well as its low-maintenance upkeep. “This hairstyle takes inspiration from the neck of a bottle; starting slim and short in the middle, curving longer around the eyes, and then longest following the line of the cheekbone,” Evo hair Tom Smith says. “This allows the length and angle to be adjusted depending on whether you want to make your cheekbones appear wider or stronger. Many people don’t suit a classic ‘fringe’—the solid horizontal line across the face—but most can wear bottleneck bangs to add softness to the face.” 

If you’re interested in getting the look for yourself, Smith provided handy instructions for your stylist. “To get bottleneck bangs, ask your hairstylist to create longer bangs that skim your cheekbones at an angle that flatters your face, curving around to create a layer that sits somewhere between your cheekbones and jaw,” Smith says. “Then ask for the central part to be cut shorter, keeping the cutting line soft and choppy, with the shortest part in the middle and getting longer on the edges.”

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