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Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS accused of ‘greenwashing’ packaging

Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS has been accused of “greenwashing” over its packaging claims.

A new investigation by the Changing Markets Foundation found “no evidence” to support the environmentally conscious claims made by the popular shapewear and clothing brand.

SKIMS delivers its products to customers in film packaging that reads in bold, black lettering: “I AM NOT PLASTIC.”

“I am compostable made from plants,” it adds. “I will biodegrade in your home compost and in an industrial compost facility.”

However, Changing Markets Foundation noted that the packaging also lists an additional number 4 logo.

The claims made on SKIMS packaging

(Changing Markets Foundation)

The triangular logo, which is a recycling symbol, indicates that the packaging is made from a type 4 plastic, or low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

“While this packaging might decompose in practice, as claimed, it is completely misleading to say that it is not plastic,” the foundation said.

It is not the first time SKIMS has come under scrutiny over its environmental claims.

Good On You, a platform that evaluates the ethical and sustainable practices of brands across the world, awards SKIMS its “We Avoid” – the lowest score.

It said it has awarded the score because SKIMS fails to disclose information about its commitment to sustainability throughout its supply chain.

“SKIMS provides insufficient relevant information about how it reduces its impact on people, the planet, and animals,” the platform said.

“As a shopper, you have the right to know how SKIMS’ production practices impact the world and its inhabitants.

“It’s time SKIMS ‘gets its ass up’ and starts disclosing more information about how, where, and by whom its items are produced, as well as the materials used.”

Changing Markets Foundation’s investigation identified a total of 57 fashion brands that are allagedly “greenwashing” over their packaging.

George Harding-Rolls, campaign Manager at Changing Markets Foundations, commented: “Our latest investigation exposes a litany of misleading and mendacious claims from household names consumers should be able to trust. This is just the tip of the iceberg and it is of crucial importance that regulators take this issue seriously.

“The industry is happy to gloat its green credentials with little substance on the one hand, while continuing to perpetuate the plastic crisis on the other.

“We are calling out greenwashing so the world can see that voluntary action has led to a market saturated with false claims. We must embrace systemic solutions, such as absolute reductions in plastic packaging and mandatory deposit return systems.”

The Independent has contacted SKIMS for comment.

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