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Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Repeated Outfits At The Queen’s Funeral

To honour Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore black versions of dresses they’d worn to honour the monarch on previous occasions. Queen Elizabeth, who prized both practicality and modesty, would certainly have approved. 

The Princess of Wales wore Alexander McQueen, a favourite designer of hers, repeating in black the same double-breasted coat dress she wore in cream to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Duchess of Sussex, meanwhile, wore a black version of the caped Stella McCartney dress she wore in navy to Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday in 2018.

Kate and Meghan both paid subtle tribute to their late grandmother-in-law with their choice of accessories as well. Meghan wore the beautiful pearl-and-diamond drop earrings the Queen had given to her as a gift, while Kate wore favourite pieces borrowed from the queen’s own jewellery box, including the stunning pearl choker and pearl-and-diamond drop earrings.

Kate previously wore a white version of her Alexander McQueen coat dress during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Meghan also has a navy version of her Stella McCartney cape dress

Wide-brim hats notwithstanding, official royal style protocols are distinctly unflashy, which is why this is hardly the first time either Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle has repeated a look. It’s not even the first time they’ve repeated this particular look. Meghan, for instance, wore the cape dress again to the Invictus Games opening ceremony the same year she wore it to the Queen’s birthday. And Kate Middleton, always a fan of the McQueen coat dress, was also photographed in this specific version in 2021 for the G7 summit.

They may be royal, but that doesn’t mean they’re wasteful. 

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.

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