Jungle World Game | Eclipse & Android Studio | Google AdMob Ads

Jungle World Game | Eclipse & Android Studio | Google AdMob Ads

Author: PlayPacketPrice: $20

Jungle World Game, build using BuildBox 2.2.8 game with multi world and levels, you can easily reskin this game using Eclipse or Android Studio.


Demo APK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fG2D98IMV5VM0erIR_fN2uEXkAC8-F4b/view?usp=sharing


Features :

  • Moving Background Music and Sound Effects
  • 9 Challenging Enemies: Red Snake, Giant Snail, Yellow Hornet, Cloud Pig and More Secret Enemies, Etc.
  • Pick Up Items to Become Bigger, Invincible or Obtain the Ability to Throw the Ball.
  • Hidden Warp World
  • Jump On the Top of The Enemy to Defeat Them
  • Break Brick to Release Power Up Item
  • Google AdMob Interstitial & Banner
  • Different World
  • Different Levels
  • Unlock New World Using Coins
  • Review Option
  • Share Option


What You Get :

  • Android Studio Source Code
  • Eclipse Source Code
  • Documentation File PDF File


How To Reskin:

  • Open Eclipse or Android Studio
  • Import the Project
  • Change the Package Name
  • Edit the Images
  • Export your APK File

For more information follow the instruction included in the help file

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