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Julia Fox’s sheer latex look barely counts as an LBD

Julia Fox continues to keep us on our toes. 

The Uncut Gems actor was photographed in Los Angeles on August 11 wearing what I would describe as a cut-out one-piece impressively held together by a two metal rings and some hardworking ties. 

The sheer black latex was ruched in just the right places to keep this look SFW…barely.

Does it count as a dress? Or is it more inventive lingerie? You decide: 




As with most of Fox’s ensembles, I find myself wondering, How did she put this on? I can’t imagine this look on a hanger—the latex appears perfectly fitted to her body, and her body only.

Julia Fox styled the look with matching transparent black pumps and a silver handbag, plus her signature winged eyeliner, which she famously does herself. 

The 32-year-old was last seen in New York City, where she was reinventing the term low-rise, attempting to answer once and for all, how low can you go? 

The queen of the alt fashion scene also had some fun with a yellow hooded lace-up dress, which she shared on Instagram with the following disclaimer: “ur not supposed to like it.” 

I may not get behind all of her fashion choices, but I do stan a woman who doesn’t try to please everyone. Do you, babe!

This article originally appeared in GLAMOUR US. 

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