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Journey Through Paris Fashion Week with DUCKWRTH – PAUSE Online

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, rapper and songwriter DUCKWRTH stepped into the world of fashion and visited Paris for fashion week. Journeying through the hectic world of fashion shows, after-parties and streets littered with photographers, the artist has given us an exclusive first-hand view of his time throughout the week.

Speaking on the experience, DUCKWRTH told PAUSE that, “Paris fashion week was a movie. It fed me every meal I needed as far as innovation, design & celebrity uproar. I sat in front-row seats at all of the shows and was so close to the models that I could hear their thoughts. I met the designers I’ve looked up to for years including Jonathan Anderson (Loewe) to Benjamin Paulin (son of Pierre Paulin).”

Of course, fashion week is more than just seeing innovative designers creating the cutting-edge of fashion, it comes with a lot of parties. Also experiencing that side of proceedings, the artist says that, “I got three hours of sleep each night due to each show having an after-party and an after-party to that. Also, If you took blood from me, I’m sure you would find champagne in there somewhere. Overall, I’m hooked and I’m hoping I can make fashion week a part of my yearly diet. Fingers crossed.”

Check out the images from DUCKWRTH’s week below.

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