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James Blunt says his 1864 pub is haunted by the ghost of a former regular

James Blunt shared the spooky video of an old tankard falling from the ceiling, claiming it’s the work of a ghost he believes used to drink at the Chelsea boozer.

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James Blunt discusses owning his own pub in Chelsea in 2019

James Blunt is convinced his 1864 pub is haunted and has shared his chilling experiences with his 695k followers on Instagram.

The Goodbye My Lover singer has become known with his fans for his tongue-in-cheek social media posts but this time he’s deadly serious.

James, is convinced a former regular is behind the ghostly goings on and shared a video on Instagram of a pint pot mysteriously falling over at The Fox & Pheasant pub.

The spirit is very specific and always knocks over the same tankard, leading the singer to believe he was a regular.

A source told The Sun: “James and the staff reckon it must have been his favourite one.

“He appears quite regularly, knocking things about and causing hazards. A few of the staff were really freaked out when it first happened but now everyone views the ghost quite affectionately.

James Blunt is convinced that his 17th century pub is haunted by the ghost of a regular

“It keeps the staff on their toes because they have to be ready to catch the falling tankard at any time. It feels ridiculous but there is really no explanation for it.”

James bought the 17th century West London pub in 2017, did it up and reopened it the following year.

It was a football boozer and would be filled with Chelsea supporters as Stamford Bridge was a stone’s throw away.

Sticky tables were scattered with pork scratchings and there was a layer of thick brown paint on nearly every surface.

So James and his wife Sofia, the granddaughter of the late 8th Duke of Wellington, took the pub on to give it a makeover.

It was Jame’s local as he lived just around the corner in Chelsea Mews.

Sofia told Tatler Magazine: “We’d often walk past the pub and would say, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do the place up?”

He recently released his hilarious new video for new song ‘Unstoppable’

The Chelsea football fans are still welcome according to the couple, however the small TV screen in the corner doesn’t show Sky Sports – which could be problematic.

Last week James released the hilarious video for his uplifting new song “Unstoppable” – which is taken from his forthcoming greatest hits album.

The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021) will be out in November 19.

The video sees James wandering the streets dressed up as a one-man-band with people screaming in horror and running away from him.

The horror-film style video sees a man screaming “It’s coming, it’s coming!” before sprinting away from James.

Throughout his career, James has never been afraid to mock himself on social media. His Instagram bio reads: “Proof that one song is all you need.”

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