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Jacquemus responds to homophobic troll on Instagram: ‘My bags don’t want you’

French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, founder of the Jacquemus label, has issued a clapback against a troll who left a homophobic comment on his Instagram account.

The 32-year-old designer behind the cult-favourite Le Chiquito handbags told the troll that they were not welcome as customers due to their homophobic views, adding: “My bags don’t want you”.

The comment came after Jacquemus posted a picture of himself kissing his husband, Marco Maestri, by a pool on Valentine’s Day.

Jacquemus and Maestri married in June 2021, after four years of dating. The designer regularly posts moments from their life together on the social media platform.

However, an Instagram user who goes by the handle @s_sh_i_k wrote under the latest post: “I used to want your bags. Now [vomiting emoji].”

Jacquemus, whose 2021 spring-summer campaign celebrated LGBT+ couples and was launched during Pride Month in June, was quick to inform the troll that they were not a welcome customer.

He later posted a screenshot of the comment and wrote: “If you know how many gay [sic] are working at Jacquemus. We don’t want you as an [sic] homophobic potential clients.

“You don’t deserve our products. Period.”

The designer also added in the caption: “I don’t need your homophobic point of view. And my bags don’t need you. Dégagé.”

However, the comment was far from the only homophobic one left under Jacquemus’ post. On his Instagram Stories, the designer shared a screenshot of a number of other users who left vomiting emojis on his post and questioned why this was happening in 2022.

Jacquemus posted a screenshot of homophobic comments he received after posting a picture of himself kissing his husband on Instagram


He said in a separate Instagram Story: “I’m happy we having somehow this painful conversation. I grew up [without] gay couple figure [sic] and I know how is important to be one of the [example] for the young kids out there.

“We will fight for them, to show that love always wins. I will keep posting pictures of love. Always. You are beautiful never forget that.”

His latest post received plenty of support from friends and fans of the designer, with many posting rainbow emojis and colourful heart emojis to show their support for the LGBT+ community.

One fan wrote: “I want your bags even more now.”

Another said: “This is so iconic on so many levels. In case this person doesn’t realise, literally all the major brands have a gay/non-conforming lead designer or founder. What a clown.”

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