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Introducing: NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING – A Premium London Fashion Brand

NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING is a new London based, premium fashion brand that’s purposefully made to not make sense’.

Born out of company founder and Creative Director Jake Posner’s desire to create timeless streetwear clothing that provokes thought and challenge perceptions, the pioneering brand aims to serve as an antidote to the often problematic world of fast fashion, with sustainability and ethical decision making placed firmly at the heart of the company.


Infusing rich, trending styles with classic shapes and bold silhouettes, urban/street inspired pieces provide a platform for Posner to share his unfiltered and unique perspective on the world. And with his minimalist designs already garnering the attention of industry heavyweights including the Editor-in-Chief at British Vogue (who has selected the brand to be a part of the magazines latest “Bright Young Things” feature) NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING looks set to become a noteworthy name in the world of streetwear.

The PI-LOT Capsule

The brands debut collection arrives in the form of the PI-LOT Capsule – a simplistic yet visually appealing range of hoodies and t-shirts, designed with the purpose of “fashioning a new outlook on how sustainable clothing should be perceived”.

Made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton (the company pay a higher price for production, to ensure seamstresses are paid more than a fair and living wage) pieces are presented in neutral colours, with branded detailing cleverly incorporated into each design. 

Adopting a fresh yet timeless aesthetic that manages to incorporate elements of the athleisure category, both old and new, the PI-LOT capsule collection is available, in limited pieces, via now.

“There’s a particular focus on minimalism, nature and unrefined materials.” Jake says of the PI-LOT capsule. “I didn’t want the brand name to be the focal point of the design, so I essentially hid it from direct view, because I want potential new customers to like with the clothes for how they look and how they feel wearing them, not by the corporation behind them.”

“It’s important to me that my collections appeal to as many people as possible, and because I think people should be able to wear want they want and that clothes should be defined by sex, I knew this first collection (and my brand as a whole) had to be unisex, or sex-uni.”

Looking to the future, Posner muses: “I have so many different ideas that I’m desperate to explore. I want to produce clothing from various natural and sustainable materials, some of which are currently not being taken advantage of.”

“I also want to expand upon the origins of the NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING concept and really showcase more of what the brand stands for, using all areas of design, both visually and audibly. I really enjoy bringing my ideas to life, and I hope that’s something I can do more of in the years to come.”

Keep up to date with NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING by following them on IG @no__one__true__anything.

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