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If The Tinder Swindler Shook You, New Social Media Drama Chloe Is Crazier!

Chloe season 1 spoilers incoming.

Did the Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler make you think twice about social media and app dating? Did it leave you questioning just how real the lives we portray on the internet are and who the hell you can actually trust? Well, the new BBC drama, Chloe is going to make you want to remove your entire internet footprint.

The gripping six part thriller — penned by Sex Education director, Alice Seabright – follows Erin Doherty’s Becky (you may remember Erin as the scene stealing Princess Anne from The Crown) who regularly escapes her life — living in a high rise flat whilst caring for her mother — by scrolling through Chloe’s social media account all day, everyday. But when Chloe suddenly dies, Becky decides to get her Miss Marple ON to find out why by assuming multiple identities. Is your head spinning already? Well, you haven’t heard anything yet!

As she infiltrates Chloe’s former life she befriends her grieving best friend and wellness influencer in the making — with a stunning wardrobe to match — Livia, played by Pippa Bennett- Warner. Chloe truly has more twists and turns than a doom scroll through Instagram at 2AM or stalking every single one of ex’s social media profiles and makes for anxiety inducing viewing but it’s all the more compulsive viewing because it’s very much based in a reality we all recognise. It’s far fetched, but when haven’t you taken social media stalking a touch too far? Maybe we are all a bit of Becky as Pippa suggests to me as we catch up about the show over Zoom.

Here Pippa, who previously starred in Sky’s equally addictive Gangs of London (she knows how to serve us drama) teases the Chloe plot twists to come and as someone who claims to be terrible with social media, she reveals just how mind bending it was to dive into the murky world of social media…

If someone is reading this and hasn’t watched Chloe yet – how would you sell it to them?

I would say, buckle up, you’re in for a ride!

I am one episode into Chloe and I am not sure your character Livia is just as perfect as she seems to be?

I can neither confirm or deny! But I can say she is going through and dealing with some stuff which might or might not come to light!

You are such a tease! What attracted you to the show in the first place?

It goes back to Alice’s script writing. I remember reading the scripts for the first time and I’m not that good at reading scripts when you get sent a whole season of six scripts. I was like, ‘okay, I’ll probably do one or two and then I’ll go to the loo.’ I then read the entire six in one sitting and I was like how did that happen? It’s her writing, it just hooks you in! All of my friends have been texting and going, ‘I’m hooked,’ and that’s the world everybody’s been using. You just need to know what’s going to happen next as she infiltrates this social group and every episode is a cliffhanger. The audience can see what the social group can’t see and what Becky is actually up to. You are constantly going, ‘oh my god is she going to get caught out!’ Alice is just a really great writer and she writes these brilliant three dimensional characters that you just believe.

Do you think Chloe is so addictive because it’s based on this incredibly social media obsessed age we all live in?

It’s really relatable and I really believe that social media runs the world. There’s a kind of beauty about it where you can absolutely control your narrative but whether that narrative is a hundred percent the truth, who knows! For this job, I had to get into the headset of scrolling through Instagram a lot because Livia is such an avid Instagrammer and she’s posting everything. I had to really deep dive and go in and see all these fabulous influencers and check out everybody’s lifestyle. It was like a whole new world to me. I think there is a Becky in all of us and there is an Livia in all of us too.

What spoke to you about your character Livia?

She’s so glam! She’s so cool! I didn’t wish I was her but my friend texted me the other day and said, ‘Oh my God, your TV life is so cool!’ And I was like, ‘I know!’ I love her joy and how trusting and open she was to Becky or Sasha who she goes by at that point. I went to school with girls like Livia, I know her essence immediately. I knew exactly who that woman was and I just felt like I hadn’t played a part like her before. I normally end up in like a suit or being quite serious and borderline mean to people, or like a gangster. So it was quite nice to be able to play someone who wears nice dresses and is the glue of the social group whilst being a fun PR girl!

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