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‘I thought he was a chef’: Confusion as Brooklyn Beckham reportedly lands £1m modelling contract with Superdry

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, has reportedly signed a £1m deal to be the new face of streetwear brand Superdry.

The 22-year-old is set to launch the brand’s sustainable range and the opening of its new flagship store on Oxford Street on Tuesday 9 November, reports The Sun.

But some shoppers have expressed confusion over the deal, citing Beckham’s recent appearance on the cooking segment of a breakfast television show in the US.

Beckham appeared on the Today show last month to share his recipe for an “English breakfast sandwich”, which consisted of pre-cooked bacon, sausage and egg between two slices of bread.

He told the show he had developed a passion for cooking while in lockdown last year, although social media users mocked his culinary skills as “embarrassing for everyone involved”.

One person wrote in response to his Superdry deal: “I thought he was a chef. I saw him making scrambled eggs lol.”

Others were confused about why the brand chose Beckham considering it does not appeal as much to younger people from his generation.

“Brooklyn Beckham for Superdry seems an off choice considering the brand seems to be for older men who aren’t ready for Blue Harbour,” mused one person.

However, the news also drew criticism from shoppers who have vowed not to shop at Superdry for casting Beckham as its new face. Some people accused him of landing the deal “thanks to mummy and daddy”.

It comes after Burberry faced backlash for inviting Beckham to photograph one of its fragrance campaigns in 2016. Professional photographers accused the brand of “sheer nepotism” for giving Beckham, then 16, the opportunity over older, more seasoned photographers.

In response to reports of the modelling contract, one person tweeted: “So that’s Superdry off our list as they decided to give a school revolting no good a £1m contract! Thanks to mummy and daddy! #sleaze #donotbuysuperdry”

Another wrote: “Well that’s me never buying Superdry clothing again, congratulations you’ve just lost a customer and I’m sure many others will follow.”

“Due to Superdry’s latest announcement, my family don’t want anything from there anymore (it used to be as standard for gifts): cheaper Christmas and less unnecessary ‘stuff’, win, win,” said a third.

Beckham currently models for Pepe Jeans alongside his fiancée Nicola Peltz. The denim brand unveiled its new campaign in September, featuring a series of intimate photos of the couple wearing its clothes.

The Independent has contact Superdry for comment.

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