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House of Gucci: How to get Lady Gaga’s look in upcoming film

Finally, the fashion film of the year is here. House of Gucci, starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, tells the extraordinary story of the Gucci dynasty.

The film focuses specifically on the events that led to the death of Maurizio Gucci (Driver), who was shot outside his office at the age of 46.

His wife, Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga), was convicted in 1998 for facilitating the killing; she served 18 years in prison and was released in October 2016.

While much of the talk surrounding the film has been about its explosive real-life plot, there is also much to say about its sartorial successes.

After all, House of Gucci is nothing if not a melodramatic film; the clothes have to be just as high-octane as the plot. And they certainly are.

Costume designer Janty Yates (American Gangster, Miami Vice, All The Money In The World), created 500 costumes for the film.

“It was spectacular,” she told Time. “I’ve never had such an opportunity ever in my life.”

Reggiani was renowned for her glamorous and over-the-top ensembles during her marriage to Maurizio.

“Anyone who wants to dress like Patrizia would have to wear the jewels,” Yates said. “It was the jewels that really did seal it. You know, she’d have big earrings and lots of necklaces instead of a subtle, tasteful approach.”

Her penchant for luxury never abated, to the point that when she was escorted to prison, Reggiani allegedly tried to leave the house in dark sunglasses and a fur coat.

Speaking to The Guardian, former police officer Carmine Gallo, explained he was the one who told her such a look was inappropriate.

“I told her: ‘Look, you’re going to prison and this fur coat is hugely expensive’,” he said. “And so we left the coat with her mother and I lent her my green jacket, which she promised to give back.”

Reggiani might not have kept her promise – Gallo hasn’t seen his jacket since – but her impact on the fashion world remains a seismic one if House of Gucci has anything to say about it.

If you find yourself avidly searching for ways to recreate her opulent aesthetic, look no further. Get the House of Gucci look with our outfit suggestions below.

The casual daytime look

(Fabio Lovino)

This is a classic Reggiani ensemble that can be easily replicated with just a few key items, namely, a patterned dress and, if possible, a Gucci Jackie handbag.

(The Independent)

The workwear look

(Fabio Lovino)

Of course, Reggiani’s workwear ensemble is going to be on the flamboyant side of things. Hence why she opts for a brightly coloured blazer and some of her signature statement jewels. This outfit is easily recreated with one key piece (the blazer) and a few strong accessories.

(The Independent)

The evening look

(Fabio Lovino)

Not one to miss an opportunity to dress to the nines, Gaga’s wardrobe in the film comes to the fore when it comes to occasionwear. A red dress is always going to herald attention, which, presumably is what the singer’s character is after. There are countless options on the high street this season. Pair with long black gloves and some of your finest jewellery to mimic this statement look.

(The Independent)

Find out more about the story behind House of Guccihere.

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