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HONOR’s new smartphone blends forward thinking technology with fashion driven couture

Whilst creating the HONOR 50, HONOR commissioned WGSN to investigate the consumer relationship between technology, trends and self-expression. The findings underpin its latest smartphone, which has been designed to strengthen how we use technology for self-expression.

Not only the leading global provider of smart devices, HONOR is leading the smartphone industry towards a tech-couture approach, making room for customisation and personalisation. Post-pandemic, the importance of freedom has been re-evaluated, prompting people to reassess their life choices. Since technology was the the only social connection many had during the various lockdowns, consumers have begun to assess the smartphone’s role and today, it is a gateway to self-expression. HONOR, with the help of WGSN’s findings, has created a product which is not only tuned into our new online proactiveness, but empowers customers by more closely reflecting their tastes and online identity.

Both the recent announcement of the Metaverse and the growing popularity of NFTs has seen fashion become further linked with technology; the fashion conscious are waking up to the power of digital identities. Finding consumers to be engaged with “everyday extravagance”, WGSN reports that “consumers are embracing the unambiguous brights that feed into themes of unapologetic exhilaration and radical self-expression.” As seen on the AW21 catwalks, bright pops of colour are being used to inject energy and optimism into our lifestyle. Not only that, but the monographic print continues to remain popular, with the likes of Versace and Fendi using monograms to refresh their logo and prints. Nodding to the popularity of monogram and ’90s colour nostalgia, the HONOR 50 is designed in a range of colours and finishes to allow maximum user expression and customisation. A notable edition is the HONOR 50 HONOR Code which feathures a holistic image sequence out of the word ‘Honor’. Though celebrating the extravagant, the HONOR 50 also rejoices in the smaller details – its camera taking inspiration from the classic ring styles of luxury jewellery brands.

The HONOR 50 also addresses the growing popularity of vlogging and our how we’re consuming social media now. Although the popularity of ‘content creators’ was certainly nothing new, the pandemic increased our enthusiasm for making and watching video content. Whilst this is partly due to our desperation for escapism during lockdown, it has been recognised by HONOR as an important consideration for this newest smartphone. The model has an advanced camera structure and multi-video shooting modes, which allow the user to alternate between front and rear cameras whilst filming (replicating the one-take recording technique used in the film industry) and use in-built editing software. By prioritising content creation, HONOR ensures its latest smartphone assists our craving for self-expression and virality.

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