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Holiday Pajamas That Are Actually Stylish

There are lots of good things about the holidays. Even in the midst of a pandemic. Seeing your family, whether in person or on Zoom, indulging in festive treats and spreading joy. One downside? Cheesy holiday pajamas. For fashion folk, they’re a nonnegotiable.

But just like snow boots, there actually are stylish holiday PJs out there. You simply have to broaden your definition of holiday. First things first: no cutesy patterns. Santas, polar bears, penguins, candy canes and the like are strictly forbidden.

Instead, pick unexpected sets featuring distinctive prints or patterns that are not usually associated with the season. Florals, stripes and tie-dye are totally acceptable. When it comes to colors, green, red and gold are givens. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to those hues, however. Experiment with pinkish shades or even black (the latter looks best in velvet form). As long as the PJs look luxe, they’re holiday-worthy.

Since the pajama dressing trend is still, well, trending, these tops and bottoms have real staying power. You can sport the tops tucked into jeans. Or slip a sweater on over those silky pants.

See below to discover the absolutely coolest holiday pajamas you’ll still want to wear come January.

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