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H&M Summer Dresses for 2022

At long last the sun is shining and we’re in the midst of a heatwave (summer dressing come at us). As our diaries fill up with plans, from holidays to rearranged weddings, a summer dress is, without a doubt, a wardrobe essential. And there’s nothing quite like H&M summer dresses. The stalwart backbone of the high street is so reliable – in fact, H&M dresses are a firm favourite with the GLAMOUR team (and most other editors we know) all year round.

After the past two years, it feels like a novelty to put on a dress, whether it’s a fancy flounced one for dressing up or a fitted mini one for weekends. The thing we love most about dresses though, is that they’re literally an outfit all in one. So, if like most of us you find dressing for warm weather a little intimidating, they’re the perfect solution. Of course, there’s still the stress of actually finding the styles that suit you — but that’s where we come in.

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With H&M dresses very much having a moment on Instagram right now (when are they not, really?) it’s admittedly hard to know which ones are truly the best, and which ones are actually still in stock too. So, we’ve scrolled through nearly 1,000 (yes, literally) dresses on the H&M website to find the ones that look the most expensive, most long-lasting and most versatile from the brand’s new season drop.

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