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Hannah Waddingham praised as ‘iconic’ after revealing she is wearing sneakers under Emmys gown

Hannah Waddingham has revealed that she prioritised comfort on the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards, with the actor choosing bedazzled sneakers over heels.

The Ted Lasso star, 48, spoke candidly about her decision to wear silver and white Dolce & Gabbana sneakers with her pale pink Dolce & Gabbana dress during a red carpet interview on E!’s Live from the Red Carpet ahead of the 74th annual Emmy Awards.

“Do you know what the best thing about things like this is? Nobody knows that I don’t have heels on underneath,” she said while lifting the tulle skirt of her ball gown. “I feel like we’ve got the inside scoop and everyone else is doing the *click-click* thing.”

As for why she decided on the footwear choice, Waddingham explained: “I don’t want to wear heels.”

On social media, Waddingham’s dedication to comfort has been met with praise from fans, with many applauding her fashion choice.

“No words. Just Hannah Waddingham wearing sneakers at the #Emmys,” one person tweeted alongside a photo of Waddingham lifting her dress to show off her sneakers on the red carpet.

Another said: “Hannah Waddingham wearing sneakers with that dress is such a slay.”

#TedLasso‘s Hannah Waddingham wearing sneakers underneath her #Emmys gown is perfect,” someone else wrote.

The actor is nominated for supporting actress in a comedy series for her role in Ted Lasso.

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